• Doris W H

Why puppies are so expensive during lockdown?

Updated: Apr 20

There had been a hot topic about a significant demand for puppies since the beginning of the pandemic.

Based on Google search engine, the percentage of people searching for ‘Puppies for Sale near me’ had increased dramatically.

As a dog owner myself, I am worried about the welfare of these puppies post pandemic when the owners are back to work and they can no longer look after their pups.

This surge had made the price of the puppies increase in double fold. Some puppies are now sold as much as £4000 each. The crime of dog robberies also increased.

· Demand for puppies for sale rose by 104% compared to the prior year at the peak of lockdown in May 2020.

· As Britain goes into lockdown, people have plenty of time and the demand for puppies hit the peak. The asking price for a puppy in 2019 was £808 but it quickly rose to £1,875 in 2020. That is an increase of 131% in just a year.

· Falling into scammer’s hand. The significant level of demand for lockdown puppies and other pets, and the sort of figures being commanded by sellers who could meet this demand, meant a whole underground industry of fakes and fraudsters quickly sprung up on the internet, seeking to rip off the unprepared.

If you are considering buying a pet this year, ensure that you do an extensive research and really think it through. You need to consider how pet ownership will work out for you and your family in the long term, and not just while you’re working from home a lot more or have a lot of free time due to the pandemic.

Consider the long term financial responsibility of pet ownership. Other than the initial purchase price of the pet; think about how you would be able to afford to care for your pet if your situation changed. Owning a pet is a financial responsibility, as well as an emotional and physical responsibility.

Right now we are living in an uncertain situation, and many businesses had shut down and individuals are struggling to pay their bills, facing a financial dilemma due to Covid-19 and all that it entails.

So, I ask yourself is this the right time to own a pet?

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