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How you teach your puppy to toilet outside?

Puppy toilet training.

When your dog is confined to their crate, they will naturally hold their bowels and bladder. In part, this is because they instinctively do not want to soil themselves, but it’s also because they are not moving around very much, so their bladder and bowels aren’t being jostled around.

The fact that your dog is not peeing or pooping while they are in the crate makes it very likely that when they are released from their crate they will need to go. This provides you with the perfect opportunity to show your dog where you want them to eliminate.

So here’s what you do.

Put your dog in their crate with a food-stuffed chew toy and leave them there for one hour. Then let them out and take them straight to their toilet and wait there for 5 minutes. Don’t play, don’t walk around, just wait. If your dog starts to pee or poop, gently praise them. As soon as they are done, praise them enthusiastically and reward them handsomely. Give them multiple pieces of food, one at a time, all the while telling them how proud you are.

This is one situation where it can be well-worth using extra-tasty treats, like freeze-dried liver, cheese or cold cuts. If you have some free time, this is the perfect time to celebrate with a fun play session of their favourite game or activity. After 15 minutes of playing, put them back in their crate, and leave them there for one hour before taking them to their toilet again.

If you ever take them to their toilet and, after 5 minutes, they don’t pee or poop, simply return them to their crate. Do not play with them at this time. Put them back in their crate and this time, wait 30 minutes before taking them to their toilet again. Keep doing this until they do pee or poop and then celebrate with enthusiastic praise, bountiful tasty food treats, and a play session if you have the time. Also do not show any anger or frustration if they have not succeeded this round. Remember we want to reinforce positive behaviour.

You may want to keep track of when your dog pees and poops and pay attention to when they eat and especially when they drink, as that will affect how long they can hold their bladder. A notebook will come in handy.

If you’re not going to be able to take your dog to the toilet in an hour, you should confine your dog to their playpen instead. Their playpen should have a bed at one end and an indoor doggy toilet at the other end. Positioning the doggy toilet as far away as possible from your dog’s bed is important, as this is where your dog will instinctively want to eliminate.

The doggy toilet should be made of a shallow pan, filled with the same substrate that your dog uses for their primary toilet. If your dog usually pees or poops on grass, then a rectangle of grass sod is the perfect thing for their toilet. A puppy pad may be used as well but having two different toilet area may confuse some puppy. Therefore, it's still best to be able to let your dog out more frequently to reinforce where you want your pup to the toilet.

You should clean up poops promptly as your dog will not want to poop near an existing poop. Conversely, they will happily pee where there is existing pee. If you have another dog, you will observe that they like to pee on the same spot where the other dog had done so.

You can put your dog in their playpen with their indoor doggy toilet if you are not available to take your dog to their toilet regularly, but whenever possible, it’s better to have your dog spend time in their crate, so you can take them to their toilet and reward them for using the toilet. The more times you reward your dog for peeing and pooping in the right place, the quicker they will learn the lesson.

After a while, your dog will learn to save their pee and poop for the one place where they can cash it in for treats. At this point, you won’t need to keep confining your dog to a crate.

This is one area of training where it’s worthwhile to continue rewarding your dog for the correct behaviour for the rest of their lives. Whenever possible you should take your dog to their toilet, watch them pee or poop and then reward them with praise and treats. If you continue to do this, your dog may never make another house soiling mistake for the rest of its life.


  1. Confine your dog to their crate with a food-stuffed chew toy for one hour

  2. After one hour let your dog out of its crate

  3. Take your dog directly to their doggy toilet

  4. Stand still and wait for 5 minutes

  5. If your dog pees or poops, praise and reward with food and playtime

  6. If, after 5 minutes, they do not pee or poop return them to their crate for 30 minutes

  7. Repeat

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